Submissions from 2019-09-09 to 2019-09-16 (9 total)

Happy Hardcore for my newlywed friends!

this weeks randomly generated song elements:

beat driven
guest vocals

Lil' ambient library thing...

While busy weeks are common now, this one was notably busy. But here's a track anyway. I had kind of a dub idea in mind, thinking of space and interplay...which I kind of got away from, but perhaps not unlistenably.

Drums: Ableton's Borella kit, with Drum Buss, little tiny synth noises from the Ableton DrumSynth kit, and hand claps with Impulse. Epi P-J bass, and Epi Moderne guitar (through Vox Wah). Operator for the organ part. I tracked some fretless guitar that I didn't end up using...but the fretless will probably reappear soon.

Sends: two convolution reverbs, one Delay, and one Echo.

Title from the etymology of this week's element, actinium.

Hi! a newbie here!
Being a mediocre guitar player I used Reaper for recording guitar and stuff for years, yesterday installed Ableton and wow what a great piece of music software it is! Been fiddling around with it yesterday and today spent the whole sunday writing my first track in ableton ever, and after somewhat completing it I found this great site!
I really digging the idea of constantly writing music and getting tracks done at least once a week, I have a whole hard drive of unfinished songs/tracks laying there for years because procrastination and all that stuff. The deadlines are awesome for procrastinators like myself, so I'm happy to be here and getting damn songs done!

About the track - i've been into footwork/juke music lately so I started with a footwork rhythm and then proceeded with some silly production :) I really like the result, I think it's a nice sketch for future development

A trance song. Originally composed for OHC, it was pretty good so I just did mostly touch-ups.

I tried to make sense of an old recording of a jam session I had. Could have done better, but ran out of time. :(

I am crap at track titles, they're always a last-minute thing, and they're always rubbish, so I said you should think bigger in the future. Anyway, more of a groove than a track based on this rusty bass arp. I actually quite like it. Might develop something similar later.