Submissions from 2019-08-19 to 2019-08-26 (8 total)

A song I have made for my fantasy football league. Fox Sports but EVIL.

experimenting with conventional song arrangement structures


Another all-in-the-box week. Drum machines: 606 (reverse-gated), 808 Aristocrat, 808 Startup, Impulse hand claps. Strings are from Ableton's African sampling project--Zeze, two tracks of Adungu, and finally a Puremagnetik Mellotron cello.

Title from this week's element radon's tendency to seep into buildings from below.

I practiced a song for today's Eurorack modular meetup.

Inspired by (ignore the memes, the music is good) and italo disco I guess. That's what came out of my gear as I finally got around to setting it up.

I don't really like this as its a bit messy and i may have hit some bang' notes that kinda work but sometimes sound a bit shit. Its quite old and "dumped" but i wanted to get it out the way as it was near to complete. Oh...and its got the ear piecing synth thing again. must stop that.

Late-summer sunshine is the best. Now I'm pretty sure I've made a few tunes that sound similar to this but I must embrace it and if that means I keep re-making this sound forever that's no bad thing, frankly. Get over yourself-Vim.

Live jam of an unfinished idea. The structure is a bit random and it needs more interesting developments to happen I think.