Submissions from 2019-08-12 to 2019-08-19 (9 total)

This song ended up sounding a hell of a lot like a Bodzin song, haha!

A little random jam with mostly loops that I've already created.

Need to go through some time and add more scenes to the project to vary it melodically.

this concludes a quartet of songs which share the same conceptual theme and tools, enough to toss 'em on an EP together for the fun of it (weeks 29, 32, 33, plus one track i did outside the weekly project).

as a result of this theme, this one once again had the core elements built in fruityloops, starting from and centered around a Sakura string track run through dBlue Glitch 1.3 and then a beat and some Sytrus and Toxic Biohazard pads and synth bass before dumping to Ableton for some more freeform synth bass and pads and overall arrangement.

a sub-theme, if you will, this week came from a conversation with a friend about making soundtracks for fun- so i was aiming for something of a traditional cinematic soundscape sound on top of and leading into the glitched string theme i'm rocking.

the beat drop ins feel a little harsh and it could use some tweaking in the arrangement and mix, but overall i had fun and like the result.

I built this one up out of little snippets of rhythms across four tracks, and ended up with an all-in-the-box piece. Drums and percussion all got reverse gating for a severely clipped envelope--three drum racks (Cassette 606, 808 Depth Charge, percussion) and one Impulse instrument of hand claps. There are two channels of Operator, one for bass, and one for swells, and one track of distorted Puremagnetik Rhodes. Sends: two convolution reverbs (ambience and a weird space) and Echo. Full-chain master on the master channel.

Title from the instability of astatine, this week's element.

My first submission. Live jam with Digitakt, Blofeld and MAM.

Went a bit mad on the cabinet simulator here. I think I'll use this as a basis for something else, really like this sound.

I got lucky and had some time to polish up an old project and this time I took my time with the mix and structure to try and make a "real" song. It ended up being sort of like a melange of 2, because I am not very good at letting go and finishing stuff up early.

I think this could be a lot better, but I was basically working off an already recorded jam without access to the hardware I recorded all the sounds off of, which meant some doubling-transposing and lots of EQs.

Let's see if I hate it a few months from now.. :)