Submissions from 2019-07-15 to 2019-07-22 (10 total)

revisited my plan for last week, swinging back more towards electronica (kinda aiming for the modern festival flavor based on a friends input)

hacked out the main groove (beat, strings, square bass, arp) in fruityloops and then built around that in ableton with some mangled live bass, the same MIDI drum kit as last week, some SymptohmPE and random synth to taste.

nothing mind blowing, but i think i hit my mark

More soundtrack laziness. MicroGranny plus some FM pads and a bit of Streichfett.

Silent Hill 1.24mb

Another chiptune romp. Wrote it while in tech week for a theatrical production!

Still trying to write a makeup song for week 27... I promise next week.

I did my first live set in front of an audience. I prepared this for about two weeks and performed it last night (July 20, 2019) in front of an audience of about 10-15 attendees. Overall I got a lot of compliments afterward and even though I know I had mistakes during the set, no one seemed to notice.

I took the recording from a combination of an iPhone recording and a recording that was connected to the mixer because the recording on the mixer missed the introduction. I amplified and compressed the clean recording a little bit to increase the levels a little bit, but it's still a bit on the quiet side.

The total set is about 22 minutes long, so it's a bit on the long side for a WeeklyMusic submission. I hope that some of you check this out. Enjoy!

Quick solo on an old loop.

Very busy week including travel to the spatial audio workshop at RPI, so this is a quick little improv with Max/MSP. [cycle~] into the pitch/delay/pan/degrade network, a bit of convolution reverb, and Full-Chain Master in Live.

Title from the use of this week's element thallium in photoresistors.

It can make you paranoid.

Anyway, uneasy listening, I was listening to some old AFX and liked the particularly ear-punshing snare sound so I thought I'd try something similar.

A bit of broken beat with some new synths. Mixings heavy on the Rhodes parts. Probably should take out that Asia harp synth too.