Submissions from 2019-07-08 to 2019-07-15 (10 total)

6 minutes late damnit!

Was really struggling to come up with something .. didn't give myself enough time and nothing seemed to click until the last minute, so all in all this turned out pretty good in the end.

Late again. Been reforming my "studio" with new synths so haven't had much time to lay stuff down. This is an old piano piece i did which i thought i'd remaster with Odd timings and suchlike.

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 28

Lately, I was working on fixing and optimizing my sound tools to add more real-time capabilities to it, thus was unable to produce tracks till it is fixed. So super late submit this time.

So I missed last week as I essentially submitted my song to an exclusive compilation... so I didn't post it. I hope to make up for it this month but it is not this week.

Feeling very all over the place so my song reflects that. At least I got it in!

Unfortunately this weekend was pretty busy, and though I had some time on Friday I didn't have the foresight to record stuff for Weekly Music even though I actually put together stuff so I just recorded at like 11 PM at night.

I'm doing a live set on July 20th so I'm starting to prepare some material. Here's a live practice of sections 1 and 2. I have ideas for sections 3 and 4 and then still need to write section 5.

lyrics a little less random this week; inspired by my dear friends description of coming out of a coma.

all Ableton this time, drums were "64 pad dub techno kit" finger played with no quantization.

SymtohmPE for synth bass and organ.

stock midi grand piano since NeoPiano stopped working.

clean guitar for some reason (i originally was leaning more electronica and planned on using it as a noise source with heavy effects then gapped/gated but got stuck on the way it sounded clean against the piano)

Very busy week, including prep for a Max/MSP show with mic feedback, so this week's submission is one of the test runs through the Max/MSP patch, with guitar. Kinda ambling and chaotic.

.aiff file captured to the drive, then brought into Ableton for level correcting, a touch of convolution reverb, and Full-Chain Master. And there we have it.

Title from the discovery of liquid mercury under this temple in Teotihuacan

Had a nice day out in Stroud yesterday, finished this track off later. Some might not like the aggressive mastering on this but I sort of like it. Okay it's maybe a bit too tough for this style of music. Living and learning.

The polar opposite of last week, a fairly intense single Medusa patch consisting of a drone with the filter cutoff slowly being opened.

Makes me think of zombie movies.