Submissions from 2019-07-01 to 2019-07-08 (10 total)

Just Live and Push this time.

Oh shit 2 minutes late... :'(

Pretty cool deep cruising techno. Lots of frequency work.

A couple of minutes of ambience showcasing the Medusa's softer side. Bass from the Neutron and plinks from the PreenFM2.

Pleased with this one,

Catching up, making up for a week I couldn't post. I'll be taking a break from LSDJ posts after this week. Moving on to other things!

spent most of the week out of town, visiting a dear friend in the ICU and almost didn't get anything done- but another good friend hooked me up with access to ableton and a focusrite scarlett so here we are :)

I am cheating this week because I didn't really do music other than One Hour Compo.

However, I reused the baseline from my previous week's song in this song to make something completely different, so there was a little bit of continuity there in that sense.

This is a weird one. For a while I've been thinking of doing a piece composed of gestures on guitar, rather than playing notes--building a piece out of a vocabulary of incidental sounds. So this is a step toward that. I did several passes of Res-O-Glas (direct into the board) and several clips of Moog guitar through Vox Wah for drone texture. Arranging it...I shortened a lot of the Res-O clips to focus on scrapes and clicks (leaving in the switch-pop of a pickup selector switch, which still kind of sounds wrong...), time-stretching some clips, compressing others, and looking for repetitive patterns in them.

Four Res-O tracks are panned to fixed positions, while the Moog got auto-pan. Sends: two different convolution reverbs--a smaller room for the Res-O, and a concert hall for the Moog. Full-Chain Master on the 2 buss.

Title from this week's element, gold, apparently formed in the Earth's mantle.

It's bloody hot in the UK and I just heard a thing on the radio about icecream vans contributing to global emissions. So here's a nice ditty inspired by hearing vans going around the town as a kid. You don't hear them any more.