Submissions from 2019-06-17 to 2019-06-24 (10 total)

Got my JX-03 back and there is something about the sound of it that just makes me think of John Carpenter movies.

This is all JX apart from some Yamaha RX21 (iirc) drum samples. Not too happy with the arp, but it was bashed out oretty quickly, so it'll have to do.

The generic ultra pop song nobody asked for ;D


A submission for Weekly Music 2019 25

Still trying to find the right sound for my guitar and the chiptune. Working all next month on this as well!

Had this chord sequence/melody thing sitting around for a while so thought i'd do some justice. Its kinda meant to be a hauntology track.

I did this initially as part of One Hour Compo, then I downloaded Alter:Ego and started messing with it, and then I forgot to mix it, and I think it's a cool start but the arrangement isn't really quite done yet.

The challenge theme today is "practice atmosphere". The picture theme was

Carved out a little time this week for a track. My initial thought was to do something shoegazey, and then I immediately started making this vintage-y funk thing. Apparently my internal aesthetic compass is a gyroscope.

Drum racks of Acoustified 15 and Emperor kit (through Drum Buss), Operator with a triangle wave and a hint of 3rd harmonic, Electric on the MkI2 crunch preset, Epi P-J with bass rolloff, and Epi Moderne through Reuss RF-01 and Vox Wah. Sends are a convolution reverb and Echo on Dub Syndicate preset. Full-Chain Master on the master channel.

Title from the iridescent quality of iridium (which gives it its name).

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 25

Created a simple UI editor tool this week. The tool should simplify programming of sequences greatly. Very limited yet though. Hope to improve it in the future, maybe create a node-based system or something alike.

Whilst I feel the production here isn't bad, I'm feeling stuck in a certain way of putting tracks together. I need to mix things up next time. Maybe make my own oblique strategies cards.

Quick one. Not very happy with it. :(

video game music maybe :)