Submissions from 2019-06-10 to 2019-06-17 (10 total)

Like everything else this ended up a bit messy. I like it simple.

I've managed to get myself behind again :/

Another hip hop thing, piano from the Wavestation doing the bulk of the work, Neutron on bass, PO-32 on the drums and Blofeld for some pads.

Pretty happy with this, gonna try and get some lyrics and cuts recorded over it.

Bit of a set back with recovery from my surgery and my want to really get guitar involved made me late. Sorry all.

Electro track - late again and all done in one take as no time in studio so probably messy sounding.

Another busy week, but this track still came together. I've been listening a lot to John Zorn's The Book Beri'ah, and wanted to do something with a syncopated danceability like many of the pieces there. I put up a Drum Rack (64-pad jazz) through a severe gate (influence of the new Burial there), and then...just responded to it on bass. Then I responded to that with more bass, added hand claps and percussion, and then a layer of baglama-tuned Heit Deluxe guitar. A touch of reverb and a bit of automated delay on the drums/percussion...and here we are.

Title from one of the properties of this week's element, osmium.

Rough sketch. Next week, I'll try to work on this and do a better mix.

Initially, the project started as "practice emotion", to try to invoke a particular emotion or mood. I didn't do a good job though because I didn't really choose the mood before I started the song. I'll probably take this and try to make it more of a somber tune but with an underlying sense of tension. Maybe for next week?

exercise in pushing away from methods i usually fall into. came out kinda 80s upbeat electro-lounge?

I had a lot of fun jamming around and recording this... so naturally I ran out of time when editing and mixing. I think it unintentionally came out really similar to Manuel Göttsching's E2 E4. One of those projects that I will come back to later when I need pieces and ideas.