Submissions from 2019-05-27 to 2019-06-03 (10 total)

So, I spent the last 7 days in the hospital for a burst appendix and subsequent appendectomy. Luckily I had my phone and nanoloop with me.

Call me crazy for continuing to write music, but honestly it's really boring in the hospital so I wrote a song. Late sub cause I'm still recovering a bit.

If you like this, you can check out my nanoloop album here!

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A quick hip hop loop made while playing with my new Modal Craftsynth 2.0

Just a happy little song that cruises along.

I finished a bunch of the arrangement and then I started to do a ton of mixing, but then I lost the drum presets and had to redo them, so now the mix is bad AND the drum sounds aren't right.

The mix and arrangement are lacking something anyway so I might consider starting over next time...

Space theme i put together which IIRC used the old TV program "V" as the inspiration and i composed it from there.

this one didn't really come together, but i got some good exercise in. practicing single takes and singing while playing. casio beat and then some trash drums (empty cans and such) then first takes on everything else. i think it has potential but not very listenable in current form

Because there's a particularly beautiful, dusty-pink/orange/mauve sunset out there.

Lots going on with work and show prep, but I did carve out some time for this week's track: two drum rack kits (64-pad jazz and Emperor), a bit of electric piano (MkI2 Crunchy), Collision (modulated vibes), Operator on a triangle-wave organ tone, Res-O-Glas guitar (through Auto-Filter and Cabinet), and Epi P-J bass (through EQ-8 for low-end rolloff). Sends: Delay (10.1 flavor) and Convolution reverb. Full-chain master on the mix.

Title from two uses of this week's element, tungsten.

Experimenting with TidalCycles, the Haskell live-coding framework. All sounds from Roland XV-5080, all MIDI from TidalCycles.