Submissions from 2019-04-22 to 2019-04-29 (9 total)

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 17

Just playing around with the Nyx (badly) over some Blofeld chords.

Pretty rushed piece of techno jam.
All over the place at the moment - was more focussed on updating my submission from last week to the real track which is a live one hour set. Hope you get a chance to listen to that one ;D

Went on vacation in the caribbean. I've come back with this song!

I spent the weekend at Cycling74's Expo, which is devoted to things we can do with Max/MSP, so this week's track is in Max. I used the input shifter patch I've been using for a while, with a filtered square wave as source material, and then dropped the recorded result by an octave. There's a convolution reverb send, and Full-Chain Master on the output.

Title from the use of Thulium in lasers. (A lot of these elements are getting tricky to differentiate.)

Named after the recent storm that passed through. More 90's-style beats.

Sitting in the city, sampling the trams and atmosphere...

Another re-work of a half finished project I had laying around.