Submissions from 2019-04-15 to 2019-04-22 (10 total)

Almost back on track!

Short hip hop loop made with the Tonic, Nord Rack, 0-Coast and Wavestation.

Struggling to upload my festival set from lastnight cos still at festival and reception sucks. Not loosing my streak due to technical difficulties lol. Will update soon!

UPDATE: Ok uploading now!! Not mastered ... sounds a bit dry straight off the desk. I have a microphone recording too that sounds a bit more lively will put in this mix when get a chance.

Kind of like last week's, this week's tempo was all over the place before I tracked guitar and bass. Finally it seemed like uptempo dub, so here we are. Percussion is the 64-pad Jazz Drum Rack, 64-pad Dub Techno kit, Impulse of some hand drums I have, and hand claps. Keys are Puremagnetik Mark I Rhodes, Drawbar, and CP-70. Guitars: baglama-tuned Heit Deluxe for clean-ish rhythm, and Epiphone Moderne (Reuss RF-01 Fuzz and Vox Wah). Bass is the usual Epiphone P-J (with EQ8 to roll off lows).

Sends: auto-filter to roll off lows before a convolution reverb (marble foyer), and two Echo channels, one Dub Syndicate with high-pass, and one Analog Triplet with an LFO-bandpass filter in front. Full-chain master on everything, and auto-pan on the keys and percussion.

I submitted this, and then listening back...didn't like the lower mids. Here's a corrected mix (still on Sunday!)

Title from the use of erbium in lasers..

When you don't do music in like three weeks, you end up losing a lot of ability. I got kind of lazy doing this.

A friend of mine is launching a podcast and we talked about a theme song for it! The podcast has a heavy stoner theme, so I played into that as best as I could being someone who does not smoke a lot of pot.

She provided a sample of her singing which is what started the track.

One i found on my drive. I really want it to sound more analog - but didn't have time to re-write it.

I have given up trying to master my own tracks. I just turn knobs and guess. Anyway,, this track was going nowhere so I just topped and tailed it and put it here.

Just randomly found this half finished thing on my desktop. It even had (a very badly recorded) track of a thunderstorm in it so I sprinkled it up with some rain on a tent ( and recorded some additional drums (and cut out the bad parts in the old drum tracks and viola.