Submissions from 2019-04-08 to 2019-04-15 (9 total)

Testing out some new settings.. metronome was way off today. Somehow managed to record something and then saw that buffer size was set to 512, hmm.

Otherwise this came pretty easily thanks to lucking out on messing with the right knobs on the MS2000R.

Two weeks late now... Don't know if I'll ever catch up.

Big techno jam. Takes a while to get going but I really like the way this one finishes. I'm writing a live set at the moment and am probably going to start the set with something like the end of this song ;D

Taking a step back from putting a lot of effort into these so I can focus on other music. I was inspired by a board game I am playing and decided to see if I could write a seafaring/pirate themed song.

I could see this being continued when I can put more effort in!

This week's track started much differently--at 117bpm. I had some interesting drum patterns going on, but couldn't find a way into them. Guitar and keyboard lines weren't all that interesting. So I took a radical step on Saturday and cranked the bpm down to 68--ah, now it's a dub track. OK. Then I could finish it.

Instruments: Drum Rack of 64-pad single hit jazz kit samples, Drum Rack of Dub Techno single hits, Impulse of hand claps, Operator with pitch mod (sort of a cuíca effect), Puremagnetik CP-70 ("Lite" preset), Epiphone P-J bass (EQ-8 to roll off lows), and Epiphone Moderne (through Balls Effects KWB and Vox Wah) for guitar. At the last minute, I remembered to put Drum Buss on the drums. (Oops.)

Sends: two channels of Echo (Dark Fade and Dub Syndicate presets), and one empty-swimming-pool convolution reverb. Full-chain master on the out.

Title from the use of this week's element, Holmium, an atom of which was used by IBM a couple years back to store one bit of data.

Some stabby techno dub - works better in headphones as i EQ's the bass down a bit too much. Wasn't going to do dub but thats all i've been working on this week.

Great case of garbage in, garbage out, using really lo-fi sounds makes life very difficult when it comes to mastering, but I guess that's the idea of this enterprise, being able to experiment.