Submissions from 2019-02-11 to 2019-02-18 (13 total)

Re-edit of one of my favorite Rob Hubbard C64 tunes (from the game of the same name) in an attempt to give it a bit of space whilst not moving to far from the original template. All done in the box, mostly with Bazille, and the Arturia synths (Arp/Moog emulations).

A song I wrote for my fiancee as she requested a "song she could do yoga to".

Down to the wire this week because oops this is a long one. This can happen sometimes.

pain de flute.m4a6mb

very hectic week resulted in no music time, crammed in a 90 minute session in at the 11th hour and got something that vaguely resembles (noisey) music out of it.

fruityloops for a one measure beat loop, ableton for bass/guitar and midi pad track

Not had much time this week, but this came together pretty quickly.

Been a LONG time since l since I've made any drum and bass, this has got a distinct 2004 Cause 4 Concern vibe I think. Pretty happy with it although, as usual, it could do with some fills and drum variation, and a little trimming here and there.

The Neutron saw is fairly pleasing, with a sub under it it'd be chunky as hell.

Punk rock originally done for One Hour Compo ( I did a first pass of vocals and guitar parts in the hour. I worked on the song minimally, re-recording the guitar parts for variety, doing more mixing, and other various touch-ups. I did NOT re-record the vocal parts (my partner was playing video games in the same room with me!) so I've essentially spent less than an hour warming up and doing vocals for this song. By the way, I haven't exactly been practicing guitar or vocals.

There was this girl, she thought she was smart
She knew because they told her so
But when she had to head to the world
She struggled, she toiled, it hurt

She thought she was ready she thought she was smart
Failure sliced her heart
When she couldn’t do it, not anymore
Her will and her dreams were gone

She went on blind
She toiled on broken
And she heard no cry
She tried and she tried

Tides of madness Tides of joy
Rushing water swept her away
Carried her dreams back where they came
In solitude she got away

This week's track came together in little sessions during the week (new job and travel), so it was easier to do an in-the-box thing--I had the drum patterns (a synth drum kit I came up with, a 909 kit, and Ableton's AstroPlay) and an abstract ring-modulated keyboard line (Ableton's Electric piano). It seemed to need a layer of noise, so I added Ableton's Analog's Coptor (sic) preset, and then did a quick improvisation with my randomizable pitch shifting network in Max/MSP (which begins the piece and continues throughout.)

Effects/sends: Drum Buss on the synth drum and 909, and Frequency Shifter (in Ring Mod mode) on the AstroPlay. One Echo send, and one convolution reverb. Full-chain master on the stereo mix.

Title from a property of praseodymium (element 59): silicate crystals that are doped with it have been experimentally used to slow light.

Ran out of time, started messing around with Volca Sample and well here you go another techno track.

Heather and heaven
unknown beauty that she will never see
skiing, both hands to the pump
cousins like you and me

and daddy says if there was a wart there,
that is where that wart was meant to be
daddy's good for you

heather feels old
spitefully joyous in all the ways it goes
cousins like you and me
closer than she could ever seem

and daddy says if there was a wart there,
that is where that wart was meant to be
daddy's good for you

Heather and heaven

I would do more with this but the main plugin was using silly amounts of CPU for not much really. A shame because I really like the sound of this one.

Pretty short on time this week, so I had to go for the obvious fall-back: a sort of directionless, minimal acid improv. Tanzmaus, x0xb0x and a little SP-303, with a couple of echo pedals. Recorded on a Portastudio and mixed to 1/4" tape.

Takes a couple minutes to get going.

WB19 07 CDDA.wav92mb