Submissions from 2019-02-04 to 2019-02-11 (12 total)

Lil' Jazzy track. Chords and vibes for a rainy day...
Various Jazz/Piano//Strings and synths from Kontact/Reaper/Reason sample packs.

Ooh, I wanna be so round for 'ou
with your cricket glove fingers in ma mooth
there is value in digging in the pyre and feeling where you never have been
the christ shot up and mentioned you

take me down to brown town
and delay me out
ooh, I wanted to get this stain and explore for all of the ways
ooh, I wanted to get this way for you, my baby

Ooh, I wanna be so around for you, hun
I wear my creepy glove, finger in the mootha
I wanna, wanna be so around for you, my babe
with the finger glove, cricket in the mootha

wet witches watch and wait by the lever
loves closing down

burn, baby, burn

Swampy little bit of synth pop thing ;D it's no Popcorn but maybe a pop-tart ;D

Industrial improv track based roughly off of the improv live performance I did this afternoon at the local Modular Synth meetup. (Hint: The live performance, which I didn't record, was better).

Done in Eurorack modular, featuring mostly Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Cursus Iteritas, DubJr Mk2, and Cat.

Another drum and bass song that came about with me working on my sound design and drum sample making. Not particularly pleased with it (went through MANY variations of the song and still not happy) but there are some things to be saved from this track. Let me know if you like anything!

what i was trying to work on this week fell apart pretty hard soooo i gave up and banged out an industrial noise track. ah well

This week's piece grew organically from a few drum patterns I put down (one of 808 single-hit samples, one from 909 single-hits). I had an initial synth bass I took out, but did some Ableton Analog synth over them, before replacing the synth bass with Epiphone P-J (through EQ-8 for sub-100Hz rolloff), and tracking clean (through bandpass Auto-Filter with drive and Cabinet) and distorted (Reuss RF-01 and Vox Wah) Epiphone Moderne.

Sends: one convolution reverb (to a medium-sized tracking room space) and one Echo (Dub Syndicate, with timing tweaked). Auto-pan on almost everything. I used automation to send the 808 to the Echo channel. Full-chain Master on the 2-buss.

Title is from one of the applications of this week's element, Cerium, which can increase the stability of pigments exposed to light.

Some downtempo synthy hiphop/breaks type stuff. Pretty pleased with this. If I had more time I'd add a few alternative drum fills, but this'll do for just now.

I tried to make chillhop but then I got sidetracked. I will call it jazz.

All sounds made from a hydrophone recording of Weddell seal calls under the ice in Antarctica in 1979:

WB19 06 The Devil's Fax Machine take 2 TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav57mb

Just smashing a piano* and chopping it up. I really like the sound of this even if it's been done to death elsewhere.

  • the piano in this instance the absolutely superb Arturia PianoV 2 VST.