Submissions from 2019-01-28 to 2019-02-04 (12 total)

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 5

I was working on an old project today it is not finished yet but I better leave it be for a while before I mess all of it up. :)

Kind of meditative meandering synth lines with LFO modulations to make a mellow trance. Pretty happy with this one ;D


A busy week of wrapping up a job search...and submitting a couple versions of a track to a cover tune project. As a result, I approached this week's track a bit more intuitively. I came up with a few drum loops (64-pad rock kit drum rack, and 64-pad fingers-on-snare), and did some intuitive guitar with Res-O-Glas through an effect rack of auto-filter with drive and buffer-shuffler for some randomness. Then I put some more Res-O down (Auto-Filter with drive and cabinet plugin)...and finally some Epiphone P-J bass (direct...maybe I should have rolled off lows here, but I didn't).

Sends: Convolution reverb, two different Echo plugins. Full-chain master on the 2-buss.

Title from the meaning of the root of lanthanum (element 57).

A quick, rather lazy song I did in Nanoloop for iOS, which is a tracker that was adapted from the Game Boy. I'm not exactly a tracker person so this was pretty different from what I normally done and it's the second week in a row where I did a mostly-phone only song (I did do some compression on this one in Audacity before uploading).

Yamaha TG33 (original patches only) + a few big chains of pedals and rack effects of dubious reputation.

WB19 05 Sun Rises Over Procedural Trees CDDA TAPE MASTER.wav47mb

More of a sound design piece than a song I suppose, the only preset sound is the vocal pad, everything else was from scratch apart from the kick sample.

I enjoyed making this, will probably work on some more similar stuff in the future.

This is a D&B track I made this week! Inspired by me and my friend watching a lot of horror movies.

Probably the most work in progress thing I've posted. Would like to add more variation to the drums but I don't have the time this week.

Ever imagined how the music would sound when you hear it from a carousel revolving at almost the speed of light? This time experimented with wavetable synthesis and frequency envelopes playing my another submission with a gradually changing rate.

After much messing about this is my first proper VCVRack patch. Slowly getting the hang of it. A great example of learning by doing.

One of the more complex things i've written (and a personal favourite IMO) - with everything centrered around 2 big - if odd electronic melodies, some harmonies, arppegios and and a famous rave stab chucked in for good measures (sic). Probably could be mixed a bit better but for time...