Submissions from 2019-01-14 to 2019-01-21 (15 total)

First try with Ableton Push, just a quick jam which I edited down from 50 minutes to 10.

Bin bag,
what you gotta say for all the horses?
what you gotta say for us?

All those poor horsies
never to return
They're crying in their sleep
You've hurt them
They're crying in the street
You bastard

night mare
a witch upon her back will gallop sprouting weeds where
her hoofs churn up the mind o' ye
tangling the mind o' ye
never to return
you'll be crying in your sleep
you'll be crying in the street
you bastard

"Why did you kill the horses?"
"You're a monster"
"stay away from him child. He's a horse killer"

Cut this segment from a dawless jam yesterday with my friend Hugh (Kludge Med). He's on the Electron RYTM, I'm on the Korg MS2000. First jam together, hoping to start a new project heading in the acid direction. Thanks for the comments last week they really inspired me to go hard this week :)

A submission for Weekly Music 2019 3


Picked up my guitar for the first time in forever and made something I've been thinking about for a while. LSDJ Chiptune rock. Pretty happy with the overall result, but it was a struggle. Feedback on this appreciated!

Early in the week I decided on an odd constraint: the track should have only one chord. (In this case, a Gsus4. So it's a holy chord, maybe.) I played with a couple drum rack patterns--one rock kit, one fingers-on-snare--and thew a buffer manipulation M4L plugin on the fingers-on-snare one for variety.

Saturday evening, I tracked all the guitar--four tracks of Epi Moderne, some straight into the board, some through Vox Wah, some through EHX LPB2ube, and some through Reuss RF-01. There's a lot of the one chord, but also responses to it. Epi P-J bass went on last.

This was a bit tricky to mix, given the one-chord tonality and the buildup of harmonics (themselves accentuated with fuzz), but high-pass Auto-Filter to cut out lows helped a lot. Drum Buss on the percussion helped retain impact, as did some reverb on most parts, and echo for the drums (automated) and percussion.

Title from an early use of cesium, element 55, used for the getters of vacuum tubes.

Hi, I'm back. After not doing weeklies for many many weeks, I need to at least work on some projects to improve.

Composition cleaned up from the one posted at One Hour Compo.

Someone help describe the genre for this, I guess it's kind of like Glitch Chip stuff but I'm not really sure yet.

I created this with a bunch of synthesizers (Nord Lead 2x, Meeblip Triode, Roland SH-01a), Maschine for drums, software effects (mostly SoundToys and Neutron), and recorded/mixed in Logic Studio X.

This week I've added support for ADSR envelopes to my code that handles audio buffers containing bytebeat. There are combinations of simple parameterized formulas like t >>= n, (t >> i) & (t >> j) in this track.

Going in a completely different direction than anything I would usually do.

I think I was partly inspired by @onezero's track last week (although my bassline is not nearly as sleek and refined) and partly just motivated to do something completely outside my comfort zone.

beat in fruityloops with some generic stock patterns (casio-tastic!) bass, guitar, and a splash of midi controller via ableton with amp simulation, auto-wah, etc

the outcome pleases me, mainly because of stepping out of my box and in spite of the cheese/slop aspects :D

This was going somewhere but would really need more TLC. I like the idea though and will explore this style further down the line.

edit Made a few wee changes and added a lead line, think I prefer this version.

I'm kinda channelling Massive Attack or someone like that here, but I'm quite pleased with it.

Nord Rack 2X
Volca Beats

Layered DnB styled track full of appregio's (various VSTs), cut drum loops and driven by a drum and bass drum track.

Submitting early since I have to work all weekend.

Minimal drone/glitch recorded live to stereo with no editing or processing.

EHX Freeze
Digitech MIDI Vocalist
Akai MFC-42
DOD R-825 compressor/de-esser
Ibanez AD-202
Behringer Virtualizer Pro
Cross-feedback between two mixers

WB19 03 FRB (second take) CDDA.wav81mb

This seems not like me at all but I made it so I hope you like it. Thanks for setting up this weekly beats alternative.