Submissions from 2018-12-31 to 2019-01-07 (13 total)

Week one here we go! For this year I am working on my EDM production. So all of these instruments and effects are brand new and the drum sounds are custom (part of my classes in synth sound design). This is mostly how I will write all of my tracks.

I feel like this is a great song to start the new year off!

Brand New.wav54mb

rytm, mother, Ableton


Resubmitting so I won't be a week out of sync all year, because I missed the first deadline by a couple hours and didn't notice.

WB19 01 20190106 Interstellar Broccoli Overdrive TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav134mb

Pheww recorded this 10 minutes ago now 2 minutes to spare! hehe. Making a start for the year :)

a last minute hasty noise jam, kinda stepping back to some of my roots in the process i think

fruity loops and a bootleg les paul via ableton



thanks for setting this thing up!
greets d.

First track of the year! A fairly simple dub jam--606 samples (with automated auto-filter on kick and snare), bass (Epi P-J with EQ-8 rolloff), Ableton's Electric (Crunchy piano with auto-filter drive), and tabla samples. Sends: two convolution reverbs (one large, one smaller) and Echo (Dub Syndicate). Auto-pan on keys and tablas, Full-Chain Master on the stereo buss. I tried adding some other instruments here and there, but they didn't fit, so I'm keeping it simple.

Title comes from sources of iodine, element 53 (because I'm picking up where I left off).

a short piece of thoughts, written in the train from erlin to cologne


A krautrock jam in 3 parts (roughly).

For some reason this makes me think of a ship select screen in a side-scrolling shoot-em-up.

Recorded from hardware directly into Reaper, no post processing.

edit Re-upped normalised,

My first track is a post-festive mess that I struggled to master.