Today, i did a test... like all the last days of school... (everyone had already had tests before holidays!)

But i'm keep clevering... Will I continue? I don't know!

I got up at 7:30, you know the rest...: "like everyday because of school"

I'm keep smiling too, like always!

But today, it's a "new life"... i receive my glasses! I haven't a view problem but i have eye problem like i have everyday an headache or something like that!

Tomorrow will be the same, i'm keep writing in english. Even if i'm french, i like to speaking english, so tell me if i do mistakes on my text....

Thanks you and CU tomorrow ;)

Assez tôt pour un samedi non-travaillé, mais c'est pour la bonne cause : don du sang.

Aujourd'hui il m'est difficile de tenir de garder une écriture très lisible, la fatigue tue autant la coordination qu'elle creuse des cernes. Je ressortirai la plume à un moment plus opportun, mais j'avais simplement peur d'oublier de prendre des notes pour cette journée. En plus je commence à manquer d'encre...

Moi qui croyait que la nuit passée à veiller, carte et compas en main, pourrait au moins se terminer sur une bonne note...


Today, i got up at 11:45! I don't have much things to talk but i enjoy this holidays!

It's a really good time that i can sleep, play and get out with my friends!

I'll go to the dentist today!

CU tomorrow!

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J'ai pas le temps de le faire en me reveillant donc voila c'est pas grave ;)

I got up at 7:30 because I have school but I want, for the WE, to get this streak so I hope I will respect this! ;)

That's like, 30 minutes early. A great start to a great month!

EDIT: Yesterday we all submitted too late so we'll have to wait till tomorrow when you wake up to submit again.

TENTH DAY- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpzQbeA01ec

You know what? It's Friday... and if you read me, you can see that it's for me, HOLIDAYS! Yay!

I'm so happy by this news! I'll sleep maybe more than a week of school... but i can enjoy sleeping!

Thanks to France for this great thing! I'll be not more be asleep!

Good holidays if you are in "Zone C" and good restart for "Zone A"

CU tomorrow! ;)

BTW: I got up at 7:45! And if you don't know, i writed the ninth day this morning!


Today was a beautiful day! Like always! I love life!

Holidays will come on 4 DAYS! I'm so excited!

I got up at 7:45! Like always!

CU tomorrow! ;)

Et aujourd'hui je commence un daily workout o/

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Il semblerait que la journée d'hier fut plus difficile pour l'équipage, et 2 d'entre nous n'ont pas réussi à faire leur part.

J'espère que le cap'tain passera dans les rangs dire un mot, pour gonfler à bloc le moral du groupe. Ce qui pourrait faire du bien à tout le monde avant la tempête qui approche et risque de nous toucher de plein fouet dès Samedi.

Seconde semaine, première entrée.

Grisé après deux jours risqués, le moral est au beau fixe. Espérons que cela dure !

the waking up part is ok, it's the getting out of bed part that i have trouble with. i blame winter.

OK. Wat.


Fuck yeah.

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I just got up at 7:30 am like yesterday! I can thanks school because if i didn't have it, i didn't think i will get up before 12 am!

But tomorrow it's WE! (... rather Saturday!) and it will be a REAL streak!

Good job for everyone who started today before noon!

Be ready for WE and stay objective!


I got up at 8:00 today, 30 min later, I have school....

But tomorrow will be the REAL, the TRUE, the FANTASTIC challenge because it's the W-E!

Just good luck for all of you!


Today, i got up at 9am

I was a little bit sick, headache, stuffy nose...

But it was great because i did my homework & i play with my friends!

Good end of WE! :)

Was saying incoherent things while walking on auto pilot, almost stabbed myself with a butter knife while preparing my breakfast, this is going to be more dangerous than i thought...