there was this little island covered in trees, and some light coming through the clouds making a spot of ocean glow. i zoomed in on it and hit the shutter. changed the white balance to 'cloudy' in lightroom since i heard if your pics are too blue everyone can tell you're an amateur. i also cropped it a bit, as i tend to do.

how do i late submit this for week 4 though?

d. · 5 years ago

Actually you should watch this: It's pretty helpful. You should try re-editing this picture again and see if you can bring out more details.

leafo · 5 years ago

this is your best one

d. · 5 years ago

you can submit late submission by clicking on the 4th week then generate late submission.

d. · 5 years ago

Wow, very nice shot man. You should probably edit out some of dust spots with the clone tool though. You can also try adjusting the highlights and shadows. Usually that helps with landscape pictures. It can really turn your picture from a good shot into an amazing shot.

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Went home to LA last weekend. I grew up right next to Runyon Canyon, a park with awesome hiking and views

Unfortunately its only really clear in LA after it rains, but this pic of downtown attempts to show LA's smog.

I camped at kirby cove two weeks ago...its heaven for wannabe photographers like me. Theres nothing particularly fancy about the technique in this pic, but i thought it captured a cool moment / scene so here it is.

edit: i'm gonna cheat and upload a few more pics i liked

I went on a hike on Mt. Tam this weekend. Don't remember the name of the trail, but caught a few awesome bay views, including this one of San Quentin State Prison and Richmond Bridge.

I've been having a lot of fun playing with bokeh, for this shot i wanted the trees sharp and the background blurred. I cropped the pic so that only a bit of the trees are in the shot, and san quentin is more prominent. I also raised the saturation a tiny bit to make the trees greener and the background bluer. I wish I had gotten the trees in the foreground a bit sharper.

The photo was taken with a sony a6000, with the 16-50mm kit lens. I don't remember the settings at the moment, but but I was shooting with a small f-stop

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