More submissions by Jayson for The 52 Week Game Dev Blog Challenge!

I apologize again for being so still. Delta Quadrant steam version is almost done. Catch a Falling Star is progressing good and I talk about some dev tools I purchased.

I talk about my game being greenlit and explanation for my absence. Also about an upcoming game we are working on.

I talk about marketing my game and my steam greenlight losing some momentum. Also some good news on the horizon.

I talk about my hectic week and all the different "hats" I had to wear. Also the end is in sight to finish my game :D

Me learning Blender 3d and discovering a treasure trove of sci-fi 3d models. Also new Delta Quadrant screenshot.

Google merchant account and living in South Africa problems. Also me at being bad at graphic design and the unity asset store to help.

So I finally created my first blog and entry. Thank you Liam for the motivation.

Wrote a bit about myself and the current project I am working on, a sci-fi rogue-like called Delta Quadrant.

The 52 Week Game Dev Blog Challenge!

Can you write a blog a week for 52 Weeks!?

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