Tried to be as fast as I could this time, because I always waste so much time trying out sounds or getting some melodies in my head. The result is not really cool, but I finished it in 2:45h. Still a lot room for improvement.

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So my first late submit. Today at work we came across custom ringtones on our Grandstream phones and this was a nice challenge, because I had a file limit in .wav format with a maximum of 500kB. So you only have 5 seconds on mono, this is my result.

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Didn't really have any idea what to do for this week, but at least I wanted to try something slow and a litte sad sounding with a little bit of ambience. Could not come up with any melodies to this, so that's the end result.

Hi, I'm late joining the streak this year, wanted to earlier but didn't have the guts to submit anything so far. So here's my first little piece, couldn't finish it as a complete song, but might be usable as a loop in a game or something.

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