samples from a reddit sample pack competition:

sounds kinda artifacty, but it's past my bedtime

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computer's malfunctioning, so here's a direct-from-keyboard recording instead.

based on the chords of the nine inch nails song. nice and easy so i don't wake up my roommate with the thunking sound of the keys.

i'll do a full cover once i learn how to sing.

future-y drop, using flume synth i made yesterday

how 2 perc pls

little under 30s; sorry

detuned saws and white noise; modwheel on lowpass cutoff (instead of LFO)

recorded once to punch in notes and modwheel, and then "overdubbed" with pitchbend

did most of the drums and fx a while ago; did the synths tonight

wanted the main synth to sound like a heavily distorted guitar but meh

was thinking specifically of

almost all of the drums and fx are from an amazing sample pack by kshmr

not the riskiest

no perc cause perc is hard

no bass either

Daily music dump

1 second or longer. take risks. try new techniques. learn.

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