A submission by tim for Write Weekly 4

I wrote a piece about Winter in my notebook. I'll have to type it up tomorrow.

EDIT: Remember how I said I'd type this today? I didn't. Deal with it.

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A submission by tim for Write Weekly 7

I wrote more stuff for my Journalism class. Probably of no interest to anyone here.

A submission by tim for Write Weekly 5

I wrote something just now, but it's too personal, so it certainly isn't going to end up on the internet. That thing I wrote last week should end up on the internet if I ever have the discipline to sit down, type it and work on it some how.

Here we are. A piece I wrote in an attempt to explain my behavior to people, I guess? To explain my life, to a degree. It might have really needed a wider scope for that, but I took a more specific angle on the problems I've been trying to overcome. A piece I can give to people who ask what I want to do with my life so I don't have to explain may have to wait. Forever. =p

EDIT: I have worked on this further since the original posting.

Here it is, just something I wanted to write out. Works nicely as a first Write Streak submission.

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