Will finish tomorrow.

Penbee · 5 years ago

This is a very clean pixel piece so far! It is highly polished and I am interested in seeing how it will turn out once you complete it!

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Did fanart of my favorite Titan from the recently released game Titan Souls.

Been awhile since I've posted here. I was sick for a week and then I played catch up with some work. Here's some stuff I've made in the past day.

I've been busy working on commission work and various projects again so submitting something slipped my mind. Here's some pixel art.

Something I haven't touched in awhile is Hexels. So here's some Shards Mode stuff.

Cellusious released this cool little arttool so I made some stuff in it. http://cellusious.itch.io/alivepaintery

Missed yesterday because I was too busy with work to submit. Here's a piece of a piece that I'm doing for money.

This was suppose to be for yesterday but I was zoned out in my work. :/

Y'all are probably getting tired of these. Only 2 more to go I promise.

Another late submission. I've set up reminders on my phone and laptop so I don't forget anymore.

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