This week I wrote a blog post all about my thoughts on connecting the player to the character that they play. I'd love to see more games make more of a connection.

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More submissions by Liam ( for The 52 Week Game Dev Blog Challenge!

One, two miss a few... whoops!

My latest blog post for carries on my discreet game tutorial mini-series...

This blog post explores how to tell your players where to go, without actually spelling it out to them.

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So this week to break back into the writing mood I've started a new mini-series which looks at ways to hold your players hand throughout your game without necessarily holding it.

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The series I've pretty much written out ready, just needs expanding upon and will be released slowly over the next weeks, I'm now aiming to write a new blog post every 3 days to keep my mind in writing zone.

Good job I posted so many last time!

My latest post actually talks about the importance of taking a break, which I wrote because I was ready for a break from everything #gamedev related. This is a message we all need to heed regularly as failure to take regular breaks can potentially be damaging.

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So this week has been a busy one for blogging!

As I'm currently running a series for ‪#‎Gamedevology‬ exploring practical AI its all systems go.

The first 4 articles you can find below...

1. Exploring Decision Based AI:…/exploring-decision-based-artific…/

2. Adding Priority to AI:…/adding-basic-priority-to-ai-deci…/

3. Using Queues for Priority in AI:…/…/06/using-queues-for-ai-priority/

4. Adding Properties To The World To Affect AI

Now.. if only I got more points!!!

First up not blogged on my personal blog for a while and then I had a random thought about save games this morning that led me to writing the article How loading and saving killed the magic of video games.

I also put a poll out to discover which Topic of the month I would be covering for Thus it was determined that we will be Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Games, an interesting and exciting topic that I can't wait to delve into and write about.

This week I wrote another article for #Gamedevology exploring the idea of how time could affect games could affect the game world, evolve it or alter the experience.

This actually sparked from writing a blog exploring AI in games which I will be crunching down into digestible chunks and releasing over the next few weeks.

In line with where I plan to take my own game dev journey, post judging at a local game jam for Global Game Jam, and in line with my mission to helping future game developers, I wrote a blog post about how collaboration is key to making real gamedev magic

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