Because I've run out of time I've only got this short and rough post about Structuring Lapis Projects. It's meant to help give perspective on the right way to keep your code organized.

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Using Lapis with Bourbon (Refills) and Font Awesome

Writing CSS from scratch is miserable, even with Sass. That's why we use something like Bourbon and Refills

Spend less time worrying about browser compatibility nonsense, and more time actually designing awesome websites. Straight to the good stuff.

This is also why you should use Font Awesome. The symbol set of 500+ icons is epic, and it just works, brilliantly.

I don't know that anyone else experienced this, but when I first encountered Lapis the setup process definitely took longer that it might have. Thus I've written Preparing for Lapis: OpenResty, LuaRocks, PostgreSQL, Tup, Sass.

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